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Young American:

High Noon 

Newport Bermuda Race 2016

Before the 2016 Newport Bermuda Race, the Young American Team had lots of work to do to get High Noon, a modified Tripp 41, ocean ready. With weeks of prep on land, the team was ready to start their training with the Block Island Race in late May. This race was the first time the team had sailed with YASA coach Guillermo Altadill, a world class ocean sailor. By the end of the Block Island race and the proceeding weeks, the team was ready for the start day. 

High Noon was sailed by seven high school aged sailors and three coaches including Guillermo Altadill and founder Peter Becker. The team was very excited to be racing, as the weather forecast predicted possible stormy conditions. The team made the call to start the race and the conditions changed, we would turn back. Thankfully, the conditions did not take a turn for the worst and the team sailed to Bermuda receiving Line-Honors, 1st in Division and 3rd overall. 

Coach Peter Becker recalls coming into the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club to see every dock slip empty. He said "It brought tears to my eyes", as he has competed in 18 Newport Bermuda Races starting his first race at age 16. 


Line-Honors - both St. David's and Gibbs Hill Divisions

1st in Division - St. David's Light House Division

3rd Overall - St. David's Light House Division

Winner Onion Patch Series 

Winner RBYC Anniversary Regatta 

Stephens Brothers Youth Trophy- best performance by a youth crew 

Schooner Mistress Trophy- awarded to Guillermo Altadill, the navigator of the first place yacht to finish 

Catherine Hollis Memorial Trophy- best corrected time by an Onion Patch Competitor 

Henry B. DuPont Memorial Trophy- overall winner of the Onion Patch Series in the Newport Bermuda Race 

Maritime Museum Prize- best corrected time of a yacht older than 15 years

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