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Young American: Gambler 

Newport Bermuda Race 2018

Young American Sailing Academy received access to the R/P 63 Gambler, previously known as Lucky, through Ralf Steitz and the US Merchant Marine Academy Sailing Foundation. The team started training as soon as the boat hit water in early May 2018. With a lot of new faces aboard, the first couple of practice were focused on learning how to work as a team and the basics of the boat. With in a no time, the team was working as a well oiled machine undertaking each new obstacle the boat threw at it. 

By race day, the team was confident in their skills on the boat and in each other. The race was not a windy race, but successful none-the-less. With little to no wind there was a lot of time spent with weight forward on the bow, waiting for the next little bit of air. The crew was divided into the Young Americans classic three watch system: 3 hours off, 3 hours stand by and 3 hours on. This kept the mentality high, as there were plenty of people on deck at a time. The race lasted about five days as the boat hit the docks at Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Tuesday evening. The team was thrilled to have sailed such a fun race aboard such an outstanding boat. 

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