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J/105 Young American

The J/105 Young American has brought years of memorable joy to so many people int he YASA program. Starting with the purchase of the boat in 2013, the boat has been the back bone of YASA and is the platform that best provides the basic big boat introduction and training. The boat sails weekly in the Long Island Sound Can One Series and the American Yacht Club Friday Night Series, as well as the active J/105 OD circuit on the Long Island Sound. 

The boat is sailed in races such as the Vineyard, Block, Ida Distance and Around Long Island Island Races. The tight space and not comfy quarters might seem unappealing, but sailing Young American in these distance races gives the younger juniors authority and control on the boat. 

In 2019 YASA received the donation of a second J/105, also named Young American. We identify the boats as YA-324 and YA-146.

Results - Highlights

Vineyard Race - 2013 1st Division 1st Overall, 2014 3rd Division & Corinthian Trophy, 2015 1st Division, 2016 2nd Division, 2017 2nd  Division 2nd Overall & Corinthian Trophy

Block Island Race - 2014 1st Division 2nd Overall & Best Performance, 2015 1st Division 1st Overall, 2016 1st Division, 2017 1st Division 3rd Overall

Around Long Island Race - 2015 1st Division 2nd Overall & Youth Trophy, 2016 1st Division & Youth Trophy, 2019 1st Division & Youth Trophy

Ida Lewis Distance Race - 2017 1st Division 2nd Overall & Youth Trophy, 2018 1st Division & Youth Trophy

New England Light House Trophy - 2015 winner

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