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Young American J105
Young American J105

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Offshore Keel Boat Training:
For High School Sailors

Narragansett Bay Summer 2021

Young American Sailing Academy has received the donation of a third J-105 to further our mission of training high school sailors in the arts and sciences of offshore keel boat sailing. This has allowed us to offer the renown YASA junior keel boat training for high school age sailors on Narragansett Bay this summer.

This summer training and coaching sessions will be available on Narragansett Bay from Mid to late July through to September.

Some of the topics to be covered include: 

  • The mechanics of using the equipment on a bigger boat:

  • Correct use of a winch, line handling, hydraulic equipment 

  • Sail handling, including packing, setting, trimming, gybing, and dropping Asymmetrical spinnakers.

  • Sail trim including reefing the mainsail, handling headsails on a foil and or furling device, 

  • Boat handling: Anchoring, docking, securing the boat, casting off, navigating a 35-foot boat thru mooring fields, rules of the road.

  • A comprehensive review of the safety issues to be considered when sailing in such a boat including: Man-Overboard drills, handling flares, proper life raft operation, 

  • Consideration of and ways of thinking about the various equipment failures including: Broken mast, steering failure, rudder failures, fire, and medical emergencies

  • Navigational considerations including reading a chart and strategic and tactical thinking when sailing in long distance races.

  • Sailing at night and the changes in thinking and awareness the crew needs to make when the sun goes down: Including navigational considerations, navigational lights, and relations with other vessels, proper use of VHF communications.

  • The mechanical systems side of the equipment in a keel boat: Diesel engines, water systems, steering systems head/black water systems

  • Ship husbandry, looking after the boat and its equipment.

The Goal:

The goal is to develop a cadre of young sailors who are capable of operating a 35-foot sailboat in nearshore and coastal waters, for instance Narragansett Bay out to and around Block Island.

AND to give them the keel boat skills to make them valuable on other offshore keel boats over time

And to inspire them to keep sailing after their high school and college sailing careers.


This training is available to High School age sailors.

It is NOT learn-to sail-program.

Admission is by application.

Applicants must meet a baseline of knowledge in order to qualify for acceptance into this program.

Training will be weekday afternoons from approximately 1630-1930 Mondays and Thursdays.

Departure and return will be from a Marina on Narragansett Bay, to be determined.

Each training session will be limited to six sailors. There will be a minimum of one skilled adult coach, sometimes two. In the event more than 6-sailors express interest in this training, multiple days will be scheduled.

Attendance is mandatory. This is where you put your grown-up pants on. You are responsible for scheduling (including back up Plan B transport) your transportation to and from training.

A list of suggested personal equipment will be available but at a minimum:

  • A PFD.

  • Closed toe shoes. NO FLIP FLOPS.

  • Clothing suitable to the weather on the day. 

  • Reusable water bottle-Fresh water will be available on board.

To apply:  Narragansett Application Summer 2021

For more information or to register your interest please respond to:

Joe Cooper

401 965 6006